The name Tupuānuku derives from the star from the Matariki cluster associated with everything that grows within the soil to be harvested or gathered for food. 

Our tamariki learn in small groups made up of tuakana & teina. They are kept very busy by planting seedlings, weeding gardens, watering and caring for the seedlings, researching about vegetables and plants, and helping to keep our school gardens maintained. 

They have also been involved in helping out in the community garden. Our tamariki love getting their hands dirty and enjoy being free to explore their own interests in horticulture and cultivation.

We see first hand the noticeable growth in confidence and keeness in all our tamariki.  Where those who were a little unsure at the start, have a go at slowly turning over the soil & gently digging, then before you know it they are pulling up worms and finding bugs in the dirt.

Eventually we are hoping to establish our very own edible school gardens and teach the children all about sustainability and how to grow their own kai.