Our Localised Curriculum

Waitaha Ariki Kore striking te Waiū

Tarawera River Hikoi to view Te Takanga o Apa

The view of Tā Putauaki from Opunoke

Principal's Powhiri held at Hahuru Marae

Te Matapuna

Our Te Matapuna/Localised Curriculum is a living document which is designed with the intent to provide rich opportunities and coherent pathways for all akonga, through the sharing of and learning through local purakau (stories).

This kaupapa and its practises brings a multitude of positive aspects to our school culture, staff, to all our students, their whānau and the wider community by:

"If there are no stories, or not enough stories that tell children about themselves but only tell them about others then those children are being given the message that they are not worthy of affirmation in literature, in stories, in media. They become the invisible ones, the marginalised. This is not safe for them. It is dangerous and damaging”. Patricia Grace


On the look out for Tama-i-hoihoi 

Korero Paki on Opunoke - Local Landmarks and Underground Kumara Storage Pits